A Cross for All Christians


      Global Christian Cross


Throughout the history of Christianity, the cross was drawn, carved, forged, and made in numerous versions and representations. It has been cut out of wood in places like India, carved out of stone in Egypt, forged from metal in Ethiopia and Russia, and molded out of clay in Ireland. Yet in Christianity’s more than 2,000 year history, there has never been a cross quite like this one.

A Cross for all Christians is the first offering from Global Christian Cross, a Christian artisanal artifact design firm, to speak to the breadth and depth of history as the Christian cross spread its message throughout the ancient world. Offered in a variety of materials and finishes, this 2 inch pendant is as much a testament of faith as it is a window into our history.

A labor of love, A Cross for all Christians has been carefully researched and meticulously designed to both symbolically represent the historical, multicultural spread of Christianity throughout the ancient world, while remaining true to Christianity’s unifying core messages.

The Team


Gene Planck

The Artist and Historian

Originally from Bethany, Missouri, Gene was raised by Christian parents from different denominations, and is no stranger to exploring different Christian sects and practices. He was part of denominations like Disciples of Christ, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Church of Christ, Scientist, where he currently practices his faith.

An avid and lifelong student of history, Gene has studied, lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America. A Vietnam veteran, he proudly served 6 years with the United States Marine Corps.

Those who know him will tell you he has never met a stranger, and will gladly sit down to talk history about just about anything.


Charles Planck

The Designer and Computer Nerd

Charles has been an entrepreneur and consultant since he was 24, and the family computer nerd since he was 8. His entrepreneurial efforts have largely centered around space making and helping people create their livelihood out of their passions.

Co-founder of one of the world's first co-working spaces, Affinity Lab in Washington DC, and an organizer of an annual transformational pilgrimage to the Blackrock Desert in Nevada, Charles is a huge believer that it is not that we think our way into a new way of acting, but that we act our way into a new way of being. 

A Cross for All Christians is Charles' first 3D design project in precious metals, as well as of anything under 2.25 inches.